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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

As dental x-rays have become more and more commonplace, people wonder if they are as safe as they are told. Sure, dental x-rays spot decay and other dental problems long before they can usually be seen with the naked eye. Sure, dental x-rays allow dentists to get ahead of a potential problem before it becomes really serious. But these facts don’t stop people from being somewhat apprehensive when it comes to having radiation beamed through their head.

While radiation is dangerous, obviously, at Advanced Dental Arts we take every precaution to minimize your exposure. We use lead aprons and other accessories to block any radiation from hitting areas other than your mouth. More importantly, we utilize digital x-ray technology. Not only are digital x-rays scalable and easily sharable (in the case, for instance, of asking another dentist for a second opinion), but digital x-rays also use over 80% less radiation than standard film x-rays.

Some people opt to not have any dental x-rays taken. Obviously, nothing is going to be forced upon the patient. But before you go down that route, you may want to weigh the two sides. Yes, not having x-rays taken will mean you are exposed to a marginally smaller amount of radiation. But the flip side is that x-rays are invaluable diagnostic tools, enabling dentists to discover areas of decay, alignment problems, and other issues that would otherwise not be visible. Take a case of decay, if, because you opted to not have an x-ray taken, the dentist can’t spot the decay because it is small and new then that decay will now have a chance to grow. If you only head to the dentist once every year or even less, now that decay will gain a real hold in that tooth, leading to extreme pain and possibly the need for extraction. And that infection can move from your mouth to other areas of your body.

Do you really think that saving that miniscule dose of radiation was worth it?

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