Teeth Whitening Grayslake, IL

Are You in the Know about Keeping a Radiant Smile?

Teeth Whitening Grayslake, ILWe like to be “in the know” about current trends, and multiple avenues can help us maintain a front-row seat to what is currently in. It is no secret that our society has a great love of beauty, even though we change our perspective on what that entails from time to time. For the past several years, one of the primary characteristics of beauty has been a radiant smile. This is nothing new; humans have been trying to whiten teeth for centuries; and for good reason.

White teeth speak of youthfulness. A bright smile is also a hallmark of friendliness and popularity. We are so obsessed with correcting discoloration that countless tips exist to help us do this. Here, we are going to offer a few simple ways that you can keep your radiant smile. But first, you need a baseline.

Let’s Raise the Bar

The issue with discolored teeth is that we don’t usually talk about the problem until it has already happened. If your smile has lost its youthful vibe, no amount of whitening toothpaste or sipping through a straw is going to help. Right now is the time to raise the bar. At Advanced Dental Arts, we can reset your baseline with professional teeth whitening that is safe and effective. Once you have a new foundation of radiance in place, you can focus your efforts on maintenance.

Keeping your Radiant Smile

If you think of tips you have heard about keeping your teeth white, what comes to mind. We are going to go out on a very short limb here and suggest you have read that you need to avoid certain foods (back to sipping through a straw). There is a bit of a problem here: just about every food you eat could cause discoloration at some point. It isn’t a particular food that dulls your smile; it is the ongoing consumption of a variety of foods that will dim the light in your pearly whites.

Don’t limit your enjoyment of food and drink, do this instead:

  • Create good brushing and flossing habits. Every day, twice a day. Gently, with a mild whitening toothpaste.
  • Perform touch-up whitening periodically. This may include a commercial whitener or gel supplied by your dentist.
  • Eat an apple or some celery after meals. This will polish your teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth often. This will dilute acid and particles that cause stains.

It is so easy to have a gorgeous smile; what are you waiting for? Call our Grayslake, IL office today to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.