Karen Caya

I am a nervous dental patient and I know there are many out there like me. I saw a dentist last week who told me my tooth was fractured and needed to be pulled and started talking about implants all within one 15 min visit. I knew there was something wrong so I called Dr. Martinez and he got me in today. The whole experience was wonderful, they took a scan of my teeth and said the tooth is not fractured and they are sending me to Dr. Gill to see if my old root canal is infected or it’s the tooth next to it. I am very grateful to them, I thought for sure I would lose my tooth today but they were so thorough in the scan and explaining it all to me and referring me to the endodontist to make sure no unnecessary work needs to be done. If I had gone back to that other dentist she would have pulled my tooth! Everyone here is wonderful and kind and I am actually looking forward to going back to have much needed work finished so I can have healthy teeth again. Highly recommended, even if you are a chicken - go see them! You won’t be sorry!