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CEREC Is Made for Busy Patients!

Many of us are busier than we care to admit. What often happens is that we go with the flow of our overbooked schedule, thinking we have everything under control, and then something unexpected happens, something like a broken tooth. Dental problems can seemingly arise out of thin air. When they do, we have you covered! Patients of Advanced Dental Arts in Grayslake need not worry about multiple, lengthy dental visits when they choose CEREC for a restored smile.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a technique that is often referred to as same-day crowns. The process of making a crown usually requires about 10 days and two visits to the dental chair. The first visit is all prep-work: gently removing the damaged tooth structure and shaping the tooth for its new appendage. Then, a mold must be made, and that means impressions with thick, goopy material. Because the tooth is now smaller and has been affected by the original damage, it needs to be covered. This is done with a temporary crown, and this is all in the first round of care! After about ten days, it is necessary to return to the dental office to have the temporary removed and the final crown seated and cemented into place, often with several revisions, which could mean a longer visit.

Restorations made with the CEREC process are ready in the same visit, but that is not all. The protocol involves the use of sophisticated CAD/CAM technology, which eliminates the need for messy impressions while also maximizing the accuracy of the model used in the fabrication of the new crown. Using a small camera, we capture digital impressions of the tooth and then send them directly to the software of the CEREC machine. Here, exact specifications are met and carved out of a solid block of dental ceramic. Streamlined, to say the least!

Benefits of CEREC

Patients may initially choose CEREC because they would prefer to complete their treatment without additional visits. However, there is more to this method than same-day care. CEREC restorations have been studied for several years, and continually show excellence in the areas of durability and longevity.

If you are in the market for quality dental care in Grayslake, we would love to have you get to know us. Call Advanced Dental Arts at (847) 223-5200.

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