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Cosmetic Dentistry for the Older Generation

There may be quite a few people who don’t like being categorized as being a part of the older generation referred to as the Baby Boomers. We think there is a lot to be proud of whatever generation you may be in. The fact is, life provides us with ample opportunity for growth and the attainment of knowledge and success. The older we get, the more we know; it’s pretty simple. On the flip side of the benefits of aging, we can understand the very clear challenges that come with the cosmetic changes that occur with the passage of time. Here, we want to discuss why men and women in mid-life and beyond are still able to benefit significantly from cosmetic dental treatments.

No Expiration Date on Success

The fact that we get older does not change the fact that we want to feel good about the contribution we are making to the world. This could be through valued work in a chosen career, or it could be volunteer work provided to a passion-project. What we see today more than ever is the clear indication that older individuals are not ready to slow down. As such, these men and women want to – and deserve to – feel confident in their appearance.

Anti-aging treatments such as injectables, laser treatments, and cosmetic facial surgeries are trending among men and women from their 40’s to their 80’s, and for a good reason. We propose that a smile makeover, which need not be overly dramatic or complicated, could have a powerful effect on the face. The smile is the first thing that people notice. When it is bright and straight, we are portrayed in a positive light. Research has suggested and then confirmed, the immense value of an attractive smile, both in the workplace and in social situations. This value does not expire, regardless of age.

At Advanced Dental Arts, we enjoy helping patients of all ages sustain healthy teeth and gums, and enhance beauty with innovative cosmetic dentistry treatments. From teeth whitening to porcelain crowns and veneers to dental implants, our services are performed with compassion and commitment to the best possible outcome.

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