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Dental crowns can help you keep your teeth

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but they can’t always do it without a little help. When a tooth becomes worn, decayed, broken or otherwise damaged, a crown can be used to cover and protect it — making it virtually whole and healthy again.

Crowns can also be used cosmetically to enhance the appearance of teeth. Crowns are an amazing “tool” in the modern dentist’s toolbox, but they’ve actually been in use for a very long time.

The first dental crowns were used by ancient civilizations
A pre-Roman civilization is thought to have been the first to use crowns, fashioned from ivory, bone and even other human teeth. Eventually, they began to use gold for crowns, which continued to be used into the 19th century.

The crown continued to change and improve
Advances in dentistry during the 19th century included the invention of porcelain dentures, which were actually comfortable to wear. Then in 1905, Charles Land invented the porcelain “jacket crown” as the first substitute for the day’s standard gold dental fillings.

Porcelain crowns get even better
In the 1950s, a porcelain crown fused to metal was developed, combining the durability of metal with the more natural appearance of porcelain. Next came all-ceramic and all-resin crowns.

Improving and protecting your smile
Today, porcelain crowns are the most popular because they’re not only strong, but they can also improve the shape and appearance of your teeth. Your crown is essentially the new outer surface of your tooth, and most people will never be able to tell that they aren’t your natural teeth.

The development and popularity of dental bonding takes the crown
Today, we are able to use dental bonding to make many of the repairs that might have called for a crown in the past. Dental bonding can be a faster, easier way to improve the appearance of your smile. The procedure can be used to help restore teeth with cavities, improve cosmetic issues and even correct a misaligned bite.

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