This is a way to repair compromised teeth using a computer and software in a quick and extremely accurate way. Crowns, veneers, implant restorations, bridges and more – can now be made in a single visit. Because of this high-precision technology, more healthy tooth structure can be spared than in traditional dentistry. The restorations are beautiful, biocompatible, metal-free, and very strong. It is all done digitally using an imaging computer with no goopy impressions; no temporary and no return visits for the same tooth. Dr. Martinez has a ceramic laboratory in his office that uses CEREC and he and his staff make everything themselves and deliver it during your visit. This proven technology has been around since 1985 and Dr. Martinez has been using it about 20 years. Dr. Martinez trains dentists on the techniques and hardware of this advanced technology.

Digital X-rays

This is a smarter way to take dental X-rays. Not only are the X-rays visible instantly upon taking them, but no heavy metals are released in processing, as with traditional film. More importantly, digital X-rays reduce your exposure 90% compared to regular X-ray film.



is a digital X-ray system that shows your teeth and jaws in one large 3D image. The image can be manipulated in 3D to let Dr. Martinez see much more than traditional x-rays or even 2D digital X-rays. This is the equivalent of a medical CAT scan, but with much lower exposure. This system provides excellent diagnostic information for finding and treating infection and pain of an ambiguous origin. It is used in highly accurate, guided dental implant placement, finding tumors and cysts, evaluating impacted teeth. Dr. Martinez helps train dentists in Galileos and CEREC integration for dental implant placement.


A dental implant will provide the longest lasting and most natural feeling when replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth lead to many problems including shifting of adjacent and opposing teeth as well as bone loss and the increased likelihood of further tooth loss. An implant replaces the lost tooth root so that a crown can be attached to fill the empty space. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or an entire arch of teeth. Planning of dental implants at Dr. Martinez’s office is done in conjunction with CEREC and Galileos imaging to give the most accurate and conservative treatment in implant surgery. By visualizing the placement of the implant and crown in the software during planning, a minimally invasive and more idealized outcome is achieved.