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Extraction Surgery Aftercare

While there are many reasons why people may undergo a tooth extraction, the aftercare afterwards is pretty standard. Talk to your dentist about particular recommendation. Prepare ahead of time so that you feel ready to undergo treatment.

Tooth extraction affects your jaw bone, so you will need to give your jaw and teeth a day or two to recover. During that time, take care of yourself by eating right, taking medication and resting. It is normal to feel tired and worn out after a tooth extraction.

Follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter regarding prescriptions and treatment. Take care of the surgery area with gauze to help it clot and keep it covered.

The location of the tooth extraction will be a big hole that should be filled with a blood clot. This clot will fall out when the skin has finished healing underneath it. If it falls out too soon, you are at risk of infection and probably in a great deal of pain. You should keep any gauze you are given over the hole to keep the blood clot from becoming dislodged too soon.

Expect some pain and swelling immediately after surgery. If the swelling or pain gets worse, or if the area around the missing tooth reddens, call your dentist immediately. You may have an infection.

Right after surgery, avoid smoking. Don’t drink through a straw or lay down flat. Don’t do too much or rinse your mouth out with mouthwash. Don’t brush your teeth for at least 24 hours.

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