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How Scraping Your Tongue Improves Your Life

At Advanced Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on providing patients with personal dental care that gets the job done (the job being oral health). There’s more to dentistry than carrying out specific cleaning and restorative tasks, though. Our team is also interested in creating a partnership with each patient. Doing so increases the results of our joint effort. As your partner in oral health, we want to go beyond the dental office. Here, we do that by offering valuable information on how you can improve your oral health at home using a tongue scraper.

Scraping your tongue may not sound very appealing. It may even sound downright uncomfortable! Trust us, when you do it right, there is no discomfort in the process. In fact, patients who develop this habit often express that they don’t know how they ever got by without it. This may be why . . .

Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Before we dive into the benefits of this practice, we should explain exactly what it is. Tongue scraping is an ancient practice that originated in India. For centuries, it has been regarded as a physical and spiritual practice. To scrape your tongue, you need a tongue scraper, a curved, non-sharp instrument that you can easily (and gently!) move across the surface of your tongue. Using your toothbrush doesn’t count! A scraper will remove much more debris and can be easily cleaned, whereas your toothbrush may hold on to bacteria and reintroduce it to your mouth.

Daily tongue-scraping can take place at the end of your oral care routine. All it takes is a minute or two to move the scraper from the back of your tongue to the front, rinsing in between if you wish.

Why would you do this? Here’s what the research says:

  • Oral health improves when debris and bacteria are removed from the back of the tongue. Without this practice, it’s possible for plaque to form in this part of the mouth. Yuck!
  • Breath improves after tongue-scraping. A coating on the back of the tongue means that toxins are front and center in the mouth. Often, the back of the tongue is the starting point of halitosis.
  • Food tastes better! Many people have testified to this theory, and it makes perfect sense. A film of debris and bacteria on any part of the tongue means that taste buds are obstructed. Therefore, a clean tongue houses fully functional taste buds.
  • Improved sense of taste aids in healthy digestion. When we fully taste the foods we eat, the body responds with a digestive action, which improves the efficiency of digestion.

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