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Implants? Here’s What You Need To Know About Brushing!

In recent years, the immense value of dental implant treatment has become increasingly evident. Individuals who have lost a tooth have also lost the root that stabilizes it, and this can have a bigger impact on performance and oral health than one would imagine. Replacing the missing root with a biocompatible post allows the patient to continue eating a wide variety of foods with a high degree of functionality and comfort. If you are considering dental implants, your Grayslake dentist wants you to know that brushing is an important aspect of long-term success.

There is no Forgetting

Because inorganic materials take the place of the natural root and tooth, it is easy for patients to become complacent in the area of oral care. The success rate of implants is higher than other methods used to replace teeth – 95% -, but that does not mean that hygiene can be forgotten. Diseases affecting the gums and periodontal ligament could cause implant failure. We’d like to help you avoid this.

An implant post is made from high-quality titanium that integrates into the bone over time. The tissue around that post is alive. Hopefully, it is alive and well. To be alive and well means that no periodontal disease exists because periodontal disease means inflammation around the implant.

Where it all Begins

The term for inflammation around an implant post is peri-implantitis. This condition originates in the gum tissue, usually at the gum line right around teeth, where plaque and tartar can accumulate. Plaque is invisible and has no odor, so it is very discreet and sneaky. This biofilm harbors oral bacteria that deposit acidic residue onto teeth, even artificial teeth, and on to the gums. Early treatment for inflammation is necessary to stop the development of full-blown infection.

When the gums become infected, they recede or pull away from tooth surfaces, including the implant post. The infection spreads inward, where its progression cannot be seen to the naked eye. In time, the integrity of the integrated implant post is degraded, and the implant can become loose.

Peri-implantitis can be prevented in the same way you avoid periodontal disease, by brushing and flossing every day.

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