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It’s possible to be ready for an unexpected dental emergency

It’s not something we want to dwell on, nor should we, but the truth is, our teeth are at risk of being damaged every day. Whether we’re eating, exercising, playing with our dog or unloading groceries, some of the most common and seemingly harmless activities can end up injuring our mouth or teeth. This can be particularly true with children of every age, from toddlers learning to walk to children on the playground, whose teeth can end up damaged in many play and even learning situations.

That’s why it’s important to know what you can do in case of a dental emergency that will give your teeth the best chance of being repaired when you are able to see your dentist. And your dentist should see any oral injuries as soon as possible, especially if they are painful. In some cases, such as having a tooth knocked out, it has the best chance of being saved if you see your dentist within one hour of the accident. There are also preventive measures that can be taken to help you and your child avoid dental emergencies, simply by planning ahead for potential accidents.

Dental emergencies can occur when:

  • Teeth break, crack, become loosened or are knocked out
  • Dental crowns come loose or fall off
  • Dental fillings fall out
  • A tooth is decayed or dying and causes extreme pain
  • Lips, gums or cheeks are bruised or cut
  • Jaw is injured or broken

Four tips for avoiding a dental emergency

  1. Wear a mouth guard during athletic activities, including team sports and weight lifting
  2. Avoid eating hard foods
  3. Don’t chew ice
  4. Don’t eat popcorn kernels
  5. Always wear your seatbelt 

Create a traveling emergency dental care kit that includes:

  • Your dentist’s phone numbers
  • Saline solution
  • Cloth or handkerchief
  • Package of gauze
  • Small plastic container with lid
  • Bottle of Ibuprofen (not aspirin)

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

We can help you and your child in a dental emergency. Call us if you need more information that can help you make sure you’re ready for the unexpected:

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