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It’s Quiz Time!

We love helping our patients understand more about their dental needs, and about how they can improve oral health, as well as the appearance of their teeth. Now, we want to turn the tables a bit, and let you test yourself on how much you already know! We hope you have fun with our dental IQ quiz, and will feel free to contact us anytime you have questions about your teeth, gums, or our services.

True or False?

  1. Flossing and brushing can cause a little bleeding of your gums.

False! Your gums should not bleed when you brush or floss. Period. If they do, it is because the tissue is inflamed. This is called gingivitis, and it could be a warning sign that gum disease is in your future. Schedule an exam and cleaning if you notice “pink in the sink.”

  1. Toothache? Put an aspirin next to the tooth for relief!

False. The contact of aspirin to delicate mucosa could cause an ulcer in that tissue. There is a name for this: aspirin burn. If you have a toothache, swallow the aspirin (or other pain reliever) and then call our office to schedule the care you need to avoid a bigger problem.

  1. Dry mouth is an age-related condition.

False. Yes, many people do develop dry mouth when they get older. However, this may be more so related to a certain medication or health condition, such as diabetes. Dry mouth can affect a person of any age and should be assessed by your dentist. If you have dry mouth, we can help you manage oral health, breath, and comfort.

  1. Natural sugars are just as harmful to teeth as refined sugars.

True. Sugar is sugar is sugar. It doesn’t matter if it comes from soda, a glass of wine, or an orange. The problem with sugar is that it feeds the bacteria that naturally live in your mouth. The byproduct of these microorganisms is highly acidic, and that acid weakens enamel, causing decay. To keep your mouth healthy, limit snacking and eat a well-balanced diet. Oh! And remember to visit Advanced Dental Arts every six months for an exam and cleaning!

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