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Less time at the dentist, more time smiling

The many amazing technologies and techniques that constitute modern dentistry continue to evolve, all with the goal of making dental procedures and outcomes better for patients. Perhaps nowhere are these patient-centric advances more obvious than when it comes to dental crowns and CEREC.

CEREC (chair side economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) was designed to reduce the time it takes for a crown procedure, plus eliminate many of the problems associated with getting traditional crowns.

Traditional two-visit crown procedure

Most of us are familiar with the two dental visits necessary in order to get a crown:

  • Examining your tooth
  • Preparing the tooth (removing decay) and covering it with a temporary crown that stays in place until the permanent crown is made at a lab.
  • Coming back for a second visit
  • The temporary crown is removed, the tooth is cleaned and the final crown is put in place.

Facts about CEREC single-visit crown procedure

Many dentists and patients alike consider CEREC crowns to be the future of dentistry. That means reducing time and money spent at the dentist.

  • Using a special dental restoration computer, your dentists can place a crown using the CEREC procedure the same day that you come in for your crown preparation.
  • He will take a picture of your tooth and using Computer Aided Design (CAD), use that photo as the pattern for designing your tooth’s restoration.
  • CEREC allows the dentist to design and create your crown right there in the office.
  • Unlike more traditional crowns, CEREC crowns contain no metal, which leads to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Single-visit crown placement means not only less time at the dentist, but also less drilling and fewer injections

The CEREC procedure can be used for many procedures that may take more than one trip to the dentist into a single visit, including:

  • Restoring decayed teeth
  • Placing dental crowns
  • Removing defective fillings
  • Placing dental veneers

Ask Dr. Martinez about CEREC

This one-stop, state-of-the-art ceramic restoration technique could be right for you. Call us for an appointment today: 847-223-5200.

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