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LUMINEERS: Is This the Treatment You’ve Been Waiting for?

Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field due to the many innovations that have taken place over time. There seems to always be something new on the horizon for folks who want to revamp their smile and boost their image. Porcelain veneers, or any veneer treatment, are not new anymore; dentists have been performing this technique for several years now. As such, this is a treatment that is relatively familiar. So familiar, in fact, that the fact that veneer treatment has recently improved may be missed.

Veneers Solve Numerous Problems

There are some cosmetic concerns that are easily corrected with porcelain veneers. By adhering a thin sheath of porcelain to the front surface of a tooth or teeth, it is possible to cover up a gap, an odd shape or stain, chip or several other types of imperfections. In resolving such issues in the smile, veneers have become a valuable cosmetic process for anyone wanting to feel better about their appearance. And yet, there is a tiny drawback.

As many problems as porcelain veneers can solve, this treatment poses a singular challenge that, for some, may be difficult to overcome: permanence. You might think that the longevity of veneers is a good thing, but that isn’t always the case. Many people have a difficult time committing to the maintenance aspect of traditional veneers. If a veneer chips or breaks or wears down, it must be replaced. This is enough to keep a large percentage of interested patients from leaping their best smile. But then came LUMINEERS.

LUMINEER treatment is a no-prep veneer process. No enamel is taken from the surface of the tooth or teeth being covered. This is because the custom covers are made from Cerinate porcelain of which thickness is only about that of a contact lens. Cerinate porcelain has been carefully manufactured for strength to make up for the thin frame of each veneer, so patients need not worry that their results will last any less than they would with standard-thickness veneers. Good oral care continues to be integral to that outcome but is simple enough that most patients have no problem following their dentist’s recommendations.

Are you ready to make a big smile change with little commitment? Contact our Grayslake office at (847) 223-5200 to learn more about LUMINEERS.

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