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Oral Care When You’re On The Go

During the summer months, we tend to be on the go more often. It could be a short road trip that leads straight to Grandma’s house, or it may be a lengthy vacation that spans across weeks and several states. Travel naturally takes us away from the monotony of day to day life. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? For the most part, the break from the norm is beneficial. At the same time, the busyness of any summer vacation could mean that oral care falls to the wayside. It doesn’t have to. With a few tips, you can avoid the pitfalls of oral decline.

  1. Remember to feed your mouth. We don’t just feed the body; what we put in our mouth directly affects the oral environment. For instance, if you nosh on cookies and chips on that road trip, you are setting the stage for the plaque. Being on the road doesn’t have to mean that your healthy eating habits disappear! Choose crunchy fruits and vegetables that clean teeth while you eat them, such as celery, pears, and apples. Choose tooth-building foods, too, such as string cheese.
  2. Remember to water your mouth. Hydration is vital to health and wellness. According to research, sipping offers several advantages over guzzling those 8 glasses as quickly as possible. One of them is that the mouth stays cleaner when water washes over teeth every few minutes. Keeping a water bottle with you makes sipping a simple task.
  3. Remember your toothbrush. There are two ways to remember the toothbrush. One: take it with you. When you have a toothbrush handy on a long flight or road trip, you can use it whenever your mouth needs a little refreshing. Mouthwash is great for this as well. Two: keep it dry. Some travel carriers close toothbrush bristles into a small container that gets little air flow. When bristles are moist all the time, they are primed for bacterial buildup.

Summer vacation may take you to all sorts of interesting places. While you’re at it, visit your Grayslake dentist for a checkup and cleaning. Call Advanced Dental Arts at (847) 223-5200.

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