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Restore Teeth and More with Implants

By the very definition of the word “permanent,” you have every right to expect your permanent teeth to remain in your mouth forever. While we never really expect to lose a tooth or teeth past childhood, statistics suggest that at least 30% of adults in our country experience this problem well before their time. Tooth loss is an important topic of discussion.  If you have lost a tooth, friends and loved ones may encourage you to replace it. They may not even know the full extent of the benefits of tooth replacement beyond aesthetic value. At Advanced Dental Arts, patients quickly to see that dental implants do much more then restore missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment

  • When you consider your ideal image of yourself, and how your appearance factors into this, you immediately realize that a full set of attractive, healthy teeth is a notable factor in self image. The aesthetic beauty of the smile is important to most people, not just those who are in the public eye.
  • Self image is integral to self-confidence. And self-confidence is linked to just about every social and professional interaction that occurs on a daily basis.
  • Quite literally, teeth have an important function in the body. Until you lose a natural tooth or teeth, you may not realize just how vital teeth are to the digestive process. If you lose one or more teeth on one side of the mouth, you may begin to favor the opposite side. This type of playing favorites can create unhealthy relationships between the joints, muscles, and other structures of the jaw. If chewing is uncomfortable, due to missing teeth or two and ill fitting restoration, you may find that you limit your dietary variety. The results of this restricted eating pattern could be a lack of adequate nutrition.
  • Because dental implants are situated beneath the gums, intended as standings for natural roots, the structures reinstate the fullest ability would expect from natural teeth. As such, dental implants encourage you to eat whatever food you would like, without worry that and uncomfortable or embarrassing situation may occur.

Tooth loss does not have to equate to a poor quality of life. Learn more about dental implants during your next visit to Advanced Dental Arts. Call 847-223-5200.

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