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Single-visit Smile Makeovers Made Possible with CEREC

Who doesn’t like the idea of having beautiful, healthy teeth? According to research, a large portion of the population has something they would like to improve about their smile. Whether the issue at hand is cosmetic in nature, or it has to do with damage that has occurred to a tooth, the team at Advanced Dental Arts can address many issues in just one visit, saving you time and money.

It is our desire to help our patients enjoy lifelong oral health while maximizing their time under our direct care. In keeping with this desire, we have added appropriate technologies, such as CEREC. This in-house milling system has impacted dentistry in a wonderful way. Patients may still elect to have restorations made in the conventional manner, though many of them prefer the streamlined process facilitated by the CEREC machine.
Usually, restorations such as crowns, inlays, and onlays are made in a lab setting. Because a full in-house lab is a challenge, most dental offices send orders to an off-site lab. This requires two office visits for the patient, one to prepare the tooth or teeth, and a second to assess and seat the final restoration.

The CEREC Difference
Restoring a tooth using the CEREC process is similar to traditional treatment, only expedited and more comfortable. Instead of having to take impressions in the conventional way (goopy and messy), the CEREC method requires only that we use a small camera to capture digital impressions of the tooth. Reduction is also still necessary, but this has nothing to do with the process and everything to do with removing damaged material before rebuilding optimal structure. Once impressions have been taken, the images are transferred from the camera to a software program that creates a 3-dimensional image. In the final manufacturing step, the 3D image guides the CEREC machine in carving the restoration from quality ceramic material. In about an hour, we are ready to bond the crown, inlay, or onlay into place to complete tooth repair.

Expedited treatment is appealing, but there are other significant advantages to tooth repair using CEREC. To learn what these are, give us a call at (847) 223-5200.

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