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Skip flossing. If you dare

It’s been a long day. You’re tired and want to go to bed – now! But years of habit, dedication and knowledge compel you to shuffle, eyes half closed, to the bathroom sink. You probably couldn’t sleep anyway, if you went to bed without brushing your teeth. Good for you! But you’re just too exhausted to floss. It’s okay to skip flossing if you’ve brushed, right?

If you tell yourself that as long as you brush your teeth before bed you’re still taking good care your dental and overall health, you’d be wrong.

Flossing is the thing

Brushing cleans the front, back and tops of your teeth, but when you don’t floss, you’re not cleaning out the food particles and bacteria from between your teeth. And wherever that bacteria hides it can cause cavities and other oral health problems. In fact, some might say that if you’re going to skip anything on you’re most exhausted nights, let it be the brushing. Crawl into bed and floss your teeth with your eyes closed! Try using a one-handed, replaceable head flosser to make it even easier.

Sweet dreams, gum disease

If the nightmare of causing cavities by not flossing at night doesn’t wake you up, let’s talk about the other fearful problems you could be causing. First of all, that hidden bacteria between your teeth can cause gingivitis, periodontitis – even tooth loss. Then, any problems with your gums can affect your overall health. In fact, tooth and gum diseases can also put you at risk for heart disease and other serious health problems.

If you care about your smile

These days there’s a lot of attention paid to the appearance of our teeth. Whitening, tooth-colored composite fillings, tooth implants – all procedures designed to make sure your smile is as dazzling as it can be. Flossing can help you preserve all those efforts and also help make your teeth appear whiter by removing food particles in crevices.

Sleep easier at your dental visits

When you come in for your six-month check-up, your flossing efforts will be apparent, and you will be rewarded. See for yourself. Schedule your appointment today: 847-223-5200.

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