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The Beauty of Dental Bonding

Usually, when we talk about the veneer process, it is porcelain veneers that come up. The longevity and lifelike qualities of porcelain veneers make this cosmetic treatment ideal for some situations. However, there is another veneer process that doesn’t get nearly as much attention. For many of the complaints patients of our Grayslake office have, dental bonding may be a great solution.

What is dental bonding?

A good way to describe dental bonding is a direct veneer. A veneer is a covering that changes the appearance of a surface. So, bonding is a type of veneer that we refer to as “direct” because this process takes place almost entirely in the tooth. Porcelain veneers are referred to as “indirect” because they are fabricated off the tooth using a model as a guide.

A patient may choose dental bonding to disguise smaller areas of concern, such as a localized stain on a tooth, a small gap, or a chip or crack. Dental bonding is also the process of repairing a small cavity with a composite resin material. The treatment process involves etching the tooth with a mild chemical solution. This enables the composite material to adhere to enamel. After the composite is color-matched and shaped, it is cured using light. Hardened against enamel, the bond should last for several years.

Which treatment is right for you?

You may have noticed that dental bonding shares some of the capabilities of porcelain veneers. The two treatments overlap in some of the issues they can disguise. Why, then, might you choose dental bonding with composite resin instead of a porcelain veneer? A leading benefit of bonding is the expedited timing of results. When we bond a tooth, you see the difference immediately; no second visit is needed. Also, bonding requires slight tooth etching, not actual reduction. This means treatment is reversible and does not require lifelong maintenance.

Do you have cosmetic concerns that are keeping you from your best smile? We would love to help you resolve them. Contact our office at (847) 223-5200 for friendly service and convenient scheduling.

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