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The truth about whitening toothpastes

Before we talk about whitening, your dentist, and The American Dental Association (ADA), want to remind you about the best way to make sure you have healthy, attractive teeth: brush them at least twice a day!

When you brush your teeth, you’re helping to remove food, and maybe even more important, the bacteria-containing plaque that forms on your teeth after you eat. The bacteria attack your tooth enamel, which can lead to cavities. Plus, when plaque isn’t removed, it can harden into tartar, that substance your hygienist has to scrape and chip off your teeth.

In addition to brushing your teeth, your dentist and the ADA also recommend:

  • Flossing one or two times a day
  • Eating healthy
  • Limiting snacks
  • Replacing your toothbrush about every three to four months
  • Visiting your dentist twice a year for regular checkups

Teeth WhiteningSo if you’re already doing good work brushing and flossing and you want to do more, you’re wondering just what kind of results you can get at home with whitening toothpastes. First, be sure to choose a brand that has and ADA seal of approval. Next, be realistic about the results.

Whitening toothpaste can whiten your teeth… slightly, over time
It does this by containing abrasives that polish the teeth and chemicals that help break down and remove surface stains, such as those you get from drinking coffee and red wine. It can’t change the natural color of your teeth or lighten a stain that goes beyond the surface

Whitening toothpaste can take up to six weeks to show results
If it contains blue covarine, you may notice immediate effects because the substance adheres to the surface of your teeth and can make them appear less yellow.

Excessive use of whitening toothpaste can damage your tooth enamel
It’s generally safe for daily use, but can be a problem for your enamel over time. So be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

If you’re not satisfied
Make an appointment for an in-office, professional teeth-whitening procedure that can offer immediate, safe results. Call today: 847-223-5200.

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