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Three tips for a whiter smile (and why we want one)

A recent study revealed that when presented with pictures of various men and women, those with the most evenly spaced, white teeth were identified as the most attractive. One theory for these results is that teeth serve to signal health and quality genes, helping us attract and choose our mates! We’ve also been conditioned to view bright white teeth as the modern standard for an attractive smile.

Here are three tips to help ensure your teeth can be their whitest and healthiest:

1.) See your dentist first
Before undergoing teeth whitening, talk to your dentist about your goals and have an exam to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. No point whitening professionally at the office or with at-home products if you have cavities or gum disease.

We all want white teeth, but…

With so many options and different products, all promising whiter teeth, it can be hard to know what works best – and what’s best for our oral health. We don’t want to waste money on products that don’t work or those that could damage our teeth and gums.

2.) Know what does what

Whitening toothpastes, for example, only affect the surface of the teeth, and while you brush will remove superficial stains. Over time, your teeth should feel and look cleaner, but whitening toothpastes remove stains using either enzymes or abrasive particles to do the job. If you drink lots of tea, coffee, red wine or other stain-causing liquids and foods, whitening toothpaste can help, but it doesn’t actually whiten teeth.

Professional grade whitening gels actually whiten teeth

Talk to your dentist about options, costs and what can work best for you.

3.) Include a plan for any teeth with metal fillings

Tooth whitening procedures only treat the natural tooth structure to change the shade, making teeth lighter. Your dental restorations, such as fillings, can’t be bleached and so probably won’t match or enhance your whitened smile. If you need any fillings replaced, you can choose composite fillings that will better match.

White teeth are here to stay, and bleaching methods continue to improve

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