CEREC Teeth Restoration Grayslake, IL

Understanding the Benefits of using CEREC Technology to Restore the Smile

Dr. Rey Martinez of Advanced Dental Arts welcomes patients in the community of Grayslake, IL to ask about the amazing benefits of using today’s technology for same-day restorations. Our practice has invested in modern solutions for patients to consider when it comes to improving the function and beauty of the smile. This includes CEREC technology for immediate repairs.

What is CEREC?

Dr. Rey Martinez describes CEREC as a specialized CAD/CAM software and device used for fabricating restorations such as dental crowns from porcelain right in the dental office. Impressions are digitized into the system and are then converted to software. The dentist uses a block of porcelain that matches the color of the patient’s natural teeth and then allows the system the chance to mill the dental crown out of the block within 20 minutes. All of this occurs while patients relax in the dental chair.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

CEREC-made restorations look and function just like laboratory-made restorations. Fortunately, the time needed is a fraction of what is necessary for patients who are faced with the need for dental crowns. A laboratory-made dental crown can take up to two weeks to complete and may require the patient to make extra appointments while using a temporary crown in the meantime. Thanks to CEREC technology, patients can save time and money and enjoy a new dental crown during a single appointment. These restorations are just as strong as those made in a dental laboratory.

Who is a candidate for CEREC dental crowns?

Any patient who is in need of a dental crown can ask Dr. Rey Martinez about having a CEREC-made restoration for their smile instead of waiting for a laboratory-fabricated option.

Find out more about CEREC technology today!

At Advanced Dental Arts, our professionals are here to provide same-day restorations for busy families. If you live in or around the area of Grayslake, IL and want to book an appointment with Dr. Rey Martinez, call (847) 223-5200 and visit Suite 300 at 18931 West Washington. Our practice provides a variety of fast and effective solutions for patients to consider when it comes to achieving and maintaining their oral health and wellness with natural-looking restorations.