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What would happen if you didn’t brush? Find out.

In a recent study it was revealed that more than 30% of people who probably thought they were taking good care of their teeth weren’t brushing long enough.
And 23% of adults reported they had gone two or more days in a year without brushing their teeth at all!

Not brushing often enough isn’t that uncommon
Boys can be the worst brushers, but usually improve their oral care by the time they start dating. But males and females alike can be putting their dental health at risk with inconsistent brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist. Call for your appointment today: 847-223-5200

And maybe it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to get a reminder of the importance of quality oral care by learning what would happen to our teeth if we gave up brushing. So welcome to, “Scared Straight, the oral care edition.”

One day without brushing
dental careIf you go 24 hours without brushing your teeth, a thin film of sticky, bacteria-filled plaque has already begun to form. At this stage, no serious damage has been done, but this is where gum disease and tooth decay begin.

Three to seven days without brushing
If you haven’t brushed for three days, the gum disease gingivitis has begun.

If you go seven days without brushing, the accumulation of plaque has become thicker – and smellier! Your gums would also bleed if brushed or flossed at this stage.

One month without brushing
If you go 30 days without brushing, the process of breaking down your teeth is in full swing. There will be lots of gum redness, and you’re at a high risk of gum disease and tooth decay. White spots will also be forming on the teeth indicating enamel decalcification, the visible signs that your teeth are deteriorating.

One year without brushing
If you were to go 365 days without brushing your teeth, the build-up of plaque would be quite alarming. But in addition to that, your own saliva would be contributing to additional tooth decay and holes in your teeth. Your gums would be extremely red and inflamed, and maybe beginning to recede.

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