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When is Bone Grafting Necessary?

Dental bone grafting doesn’t sound like one of the most pleasant procedures. However, it is a necessary procedure if a patient who is having dental implants lacks the necessary jawbone mass to successfully implant the new teeth. Without enough jawbone to secure the implants, the procedure cannot be done, as the implants would be unstable and the results uncertain.

Bone grafting for this purpose is a regular procedure. Although the jawbone is naturally made to have enough bone to support a healthy mouth of teeth, dentists inform a surprising number of patients that they have suffered a minimal to severe amount of bone loss over time. Patients who have neglected areas of missing teeth may be suffering from gum recession, which leads to bone loss. Others may suffer from a disease that causes bone loss in the jaw. Lack of sufficient jawbone can also be an inherited trait. For these reasons, bone grafting has become a staple in the dental industry and, in fact, in medical and cosmetic industries, as well.

Make sure the dentist performing your bone graft is licensed and experienced. This procedure can be done in an operating room at the hospital or in a properly equipped dental office. You should do a little research on your own so you know more details about the surgery beforehand, and can ask any questions you may have.

It’s important for you to be comfortable with the process. Discuss your expectations with your dentist and get your answers before you undergo any surgery. After the surgery is performed, be sure to follow all the after-care instructions you are given. Typically, someone who has gone through this procedure will need to eat soft foods for a time and the dentist will prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

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