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Why your child’s first visit to the dentist could feel like your first visit to the dentist

You take good care of your teeth, right? And you have many years of experience doing so. That means you brush and floss regularly, and you visit the dentist about every six months. In your lifetime, you’ve probably had a few procedures that go beyond basic care – such as fillings, maybe a crown or two, teeth whitening, maybe even an implant. But regardless of the number of times you’ve visited the dentist, taking your child for the first time can feel like a brand new experience.

At Advanced Dental Arts, we understand that your child’s first trip to the dentist can be stressful for both of you. For one thing, if you’re following your pediatrician and dentist’s recommendation, you’re bringing your child in by the age of one, or soon after you spot a first tooth. This could mean that your child is seeing us for the first time before he or she is even six months old – still a baby!

Of course, we want you to feel confident and relaxed when you bring your baby to our office. But it’s particularly important because if you’re calm about the experience, there’s a good chance your child will be, too.

Here are a few facts that could boost your confidence before you even walk through the door:

  • A normal first trip is quite short
  • It usually involves little or no treatment
  • Your child will meet the dentist with you as their trusted guide
  • You can sit in the dental chair with your child in your lap during the exam

A special pre-visit feature just for our young patients is our Dynamite Dental Fun Activity Kit that can be used to familiarize your child with their teeth, plus help them look forward to coming to see us.

Once here, our parents tell us that they appreciate the opportunity to talk to Dr. Martinez about recommendations for good oral health care for their children. He is happy to answer questions and discuss any dental development concerns you may have.

We can’t wait to meet your child. Call our office for an appointment today:

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