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Pressed for Time? Don’t let your Smile Suffer!

How many times do you catch yourself thinking “I can just do this tomorrow.” “I can put this off for awhile.” How about that panicked sensation that you have forgotten something very important, but you just can ‘t put a finger on what that is. These are all very common sentiments and feelings. The fact of the matter is, most of us are so busy staying busy that we are probably forgetting about more than we even imagine!

Could all this busyness be affecting your smile?
To keep yourself from taking your teeth for granted, consider all that they do for you:

  1. Your teeth give you a lovely smile. Obviously, it is your teeth that get the most attention when you smile. These fixtures also lend structural support to all the tissues around the mouth. If this support ceases to exist, facial features become distorted, with the chin and the tip of the nose inching closer, closing off the mouth. Keeping your teeth in good condition, and sparkling bright, fosters a youthful, energetic, and healthy appearance.
  2. Teeth support good health. Teeth are primarily intended for chewing. If oral conditions are keeping you from wanting to chew, you may find that you give preference to one side of your mouth. Some people even report leaning towards softer foods that don’t require much chewing. These habits can inhibit healthy digestion and nutrition, keeping you from optimal health.
  3. Your teeth play a role in personal and professional success. We naturally make assumptions about other people by observing their appearance. The feature that is most often assessed in a first impression is the smile. Research has demonstrated this fact, and also the fact that job applicants with attractive smiles tend to fare better than their counterparts who are equally qualified.

Guarding your Smile
It is never a bad time to be reminded of how you can take great care of your teeth.

  • Brush every morning and at night before bed. Floss before bed, as well.
  • Avoid tobacco and highly acidic foods and beverages as much as possible.Establish healthy eating habits the build strong, healthy teeth.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year.

We are here to support you in lifelong oral health. Schedule your visit in our Grayslake dental office at  (847) 223-5200.

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